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Last udpated: October 24, 2018

We want to know as little as possible about you while still being able to provide a quality service.

We really could not care less who you are. 😃

To that end, here is what we collect:

  • Your IP address when you vote or leave a story to prevent double voting and spam.
  • Your email address if you provide it when creating an ad campaign.

We use third party services that may collect information subject to their terms, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Zendesk

This website uses cookies. Cookies may come from the third-party services. We implement two cookies:

  • A vote cookie for voting usability.
  • An access cookie if you sign up for a Moon Banking ad campaign.

We will only disclose information about our users (the little that we have) if and only if under a properly-brought legal request, and only in the narrowest manner possible to satisfy such a request.

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